Aboriginal Youth Mentorship Program (AYMP) Publishes Community Newsletter (2nd edition)


The Aboriginal/Indigenous Youth Mentorship Program (AYMP) has released the second edition of its community Newsletter!

Children and youth who have participated in the Aboriginal Youth Mentorship Program (AYMP) say they experience inclusion and empowerment. This resilience-based approach to wellness was co-developed with Indigenous youth and leaders in Winnipeg and northern Manitoba led by a group of researchers and community members from Manitoba, currently under the direction of Diabetes Action Canada co investigator Dr. Jon McGavock from the University of Manitoba.  Delivered by Indigenous adolescents for Indigenous children in their communities, the AYMP builds on the strengths of its participants and helps to create healthy inclusive communities.  It is guided by an Indigenous medicine wheel concept of health called the Circle of Courage from Lakota scholar Dr. Martin Brokenleg and consists of four elements; belonging, independence, mastery and generosity.  The program includes after-school physical activities, healthy snacks, games, and education and leadership activities for elementary school-aged students. Each community has the opportunity to tailor components of the program to meet its own unique needs, teachings and cultural values.

Learn more about the facilitators and participants in this program and the benefits this program has brought to the Aboriginal and Indigenous communities by visiting the link below.

Aboriginal Youth Mentorship Newsletter_2nd edition FINAL

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