Diabetes Action Canada Partners with Diabetes Canada to offer Post-Doctoral Opportunity

Diabetes Action Canada Training and Mentoring Goal Group is pleased to continue to support efforts to build capacity in patient-oriented research.  To achieve this, Diabetes Action Canada has once again partnered with Diabetes Canada to offer a post-doctoral fellowship award.  Information on the application process can be found within the 2018 Diabetes Canada Research Grants Awards Competition released in February (Page 9 section k).

In summary, Diabetes Action Canada will contribute a maximum of 50% to at least one Post-Doctoral Fellowship in patient-oriented research.  This award is for 2 years and includes salary support of $45,000 per year, plus a research allowance of $5,000 per year.   Applicants wishing to have their applications considered for the Diabetes Action Canada/Diabetes Canada joint funding opportunity must indicate this to the Diabetes Canada research staff at research@diabetes.ca on or before April 1, 2018.   Applicants must also explain in this email (300 words or less) how their research aligns with the principles of patient-oriented research.


Best of luck to those who apply!

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