People living with diabetes speak. Diabetes Action Canada listens!

What topics are most important to people living with or caring for someone living with diabetes?  This vital question was asked by Diabetes Action Canada investigators, Drs. Joyce Dogba, France Légaré, Holly Witteman and colleagues in a study published yesterday in Health Expectations. This study outlines methods for collecting valuable insight into what research topics are most relevant to diverse patients. The research team combined an online survey and focus groups. In the online survey, 469 adults (57% men, 42% women) living with diabetes rated the importance of 10 research topics. Answers showed that the list of 10 topics developed by our founding team of researchers, health professionals, patient partners, and caregiver partners was a good start. People gave the highest ratings to preventing and treating kidney, eye, and nerve complications. In focus groups, the research team explored research topics with people belonging to groups who were under-represented in the survey, especially immigrants and racialized people. Fourteen people participated in three focus groups and reiterated the importance of research in these three complication areas, while also raising the importance of research to support people living with diabetes in daily management of diabetes. The results of this study are informing the strategic direction of projects, both in progress and in development, for our pan-Canadian Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Network to better align our patient-oriented research goals to the needs of people living with diabetes. To read more about this study please visit here.

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