Patient-Oriented Research (POR) Intercentre Trainee Internship Award in Diabetes and its Complications 2018-2019

Diabetes Action Canada is launching its 2018-2019 Intercentre Internship competition for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and research professionals interested in Patient-Oriented Research (POR) in diabetes and its complications. The goal of this award is to promote networking and optimal integration of trainees into the Diabetes Action Canada (DAC) Network and the Canadian diabetes research community. Up to two (2) annual internships will be awarded to trainees. The DAC Network invites researchers who are PI’s or Co-I’s of the DAC Network to propose collaborative projects in the areas of diabetes and its complications and for which a trainee will complete his training in another laboratory (in another research centre). This project will involve a DAC Network PI or Co-I with one or more collaborators of another Patient-Oriented Research centre. Every collaborator must be a member of the DAC Network (or another SPOR Network) and participate in its activities.


Please find attached the eligibility criteria and methods of evaluation, and also the application form to complete. Successful candidates will receive financial support of a maximum of $10,000 for a one-year period to allow the establishment of the trainee-based collaboration between the collaborators.

Application form_POR Intercentre Trainee Internship 2018-19

POR Intercentre Trainee Internship 2018-19

Best of luck to all!


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