The impacts of being formally enroled with a GP on continuity and integration of care: Evidence from a comparison of QC and BC




Diabetes Action Canada is a proud partner with the research project “What are the impacts of being formally enroled with a GP on continuity and integration of care? Evidence from a comparison of Quebec and British Columbia”

This research project brings together patients, providers, decision makers and researchers to provide a better understanding of how patient enrolment with a GP affects patient experience, continuity and quality of care, and policy-relevant outcomes that are important for the sustainability of our health care systems. Special attention is paid to the experience of diabetic patients.

Quebec and British Columbia have already implemented patient enrolment programs. These programs are designed quite differently; this project focuses on these two provinces. Research team members will talk to patients and family doctors to hear about their experiences and their priorities. They will also use health care data and statistical methods designed to evaluate policy interventions to understand what patient enrolment means in terms of quality and continuity of care. Results from this research project will advance our understanding of primary care and healthcare policy in the management of diabetes. This will also, ultimately, lead to advancement in understanding other chronic diseases.

CIHR SPOR Network, Michael Smith Foundation, Quebec Ministry of Health, Réseau-1 QC, McGill University, Centre de recherche de l’Hôpital Charles LeMoyne.

Nominated principal applicant: Erin Strumpf

Principal Knowledge Users:
Antoine Groulx,
Heather Davidson

Principal applicants:
Laurie Goldsmith,
Christine Loignon,
Kimberlyn McGrail

Patient Partner :
Amélie Bouchard

Co-applicants :
Maxine Dumas Pilon,
Catherine Hudon,
France Légaré,
Marie-Jo Ouimet,
Ruth Lavergne

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