Diabetes Action Canada leading the way for a Canadian Diabetes Strategy

In October, Scientific Co-lead Dr. Jean-Pierre Després represented Diabetes Action Canada at the Global Diabetes Forum in Rome, Italy.  This meeting was held in follow-up to the Global Diabetes Policy meeting held last year that led to the “Berlin Declaration”.  Participants from various countries reported on actions implemented since last year’s Berlin meeting.  Representatives from Canada included two MPs (Sonia Sidhu, Liberal and Christine Moore, NDP), leadership of Diabetes Canada (including Rick Blickstead and Russell Williams) and two academic investigators/members of Diabetes Action Canada (Paul Oh and Jean-Pierre Després).  Over the two days, presentations and round table discussions centred on approaches to developing and implementing a National Diabetes Strategy for contributing countries.   This meeting was very useful to inform Diabetes Action Canada’s current practices and reiterate the importance of maintaining a constant dialogue with strategic partners (i.e., Diabetes Canada) and federal governments.  As follow-up to this meeting, Dr. Jean-Pierre Després plans to present the concept of a Canadian National Diabetes Strategy to the Parliamentary All Party Diabetes Caucus starting a formal dialogue between Diabetes Action Canada, Diabetes Canada and the Federal government.

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