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Every person has unique and invaluable health data which can contribute to better understanding of health care and better care for all.  

Health data is vital in evaluating the healthcare system and improving the care you receive. It can enhance our current understanding of medical conditions and their treatments. Health data can:

  • Enhance our current understanding of medical conditions and their treatments
  • Help in better decision making with the use of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and sophisticated algorithms.
  • Identify socially and materially deprived areas, through data tracking and pattern recognition, to further help develop targeted improvement strategies for the areas that need it most. 

Responsible and secure health data contribution increases our understanding of health care and makes way for medical breakthroughs and improving the way health care is delivered.

Data Privacy & Security

Privacy and Security have been paramount in scoping the requirements for the Repository. Rigorous privacy practices have been embedded into the foundation of the Repository and have been incorporated into all our policies and procedures. This allows us to provide access to researchers without compromising data security.

The physical hardware is located at the PHIPA-compliant Centre for Advanced Computing (CAC) at Queen’s University.  The CAC is aligned to ISO-27002 information security standards to implement controls regarding the safeguarding of data.







UTOPIAN – University of Toronto Practice-Based Network

DAC – Diabetes Action Canada

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